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The Legislation Section

The Legislation Section consists of four chambers (two Dutch-speaking and two French-speaking chambers) and has twelve magistrates, that is four chamber presidents and eight state councillors. It is chaired by the First President or the President of the Council of State.

The legislation section can sit in united chambers (one Dutch-speaking and one French-speaking chamber) or in General Assembly (the four chambers).

Each chamber consists of three Council members and two assessors. The latter are highly qualified persons, for instance professors, lawyers, high-ranking officials who are nominated by the General Assembly of the Council of State. Each chamber is assisted by a registrar.

The chambers of the Legislation Section can consult experts and they can hear the authorized official, that is the representative designated in the request for an advisory opinion submitted by the Minister or the President of the Legislative Assembly in question.

Composition of the Dutch-speaking chambers

The organization of the Legislation Section is governed by the following sections of the coordinated laws:
  • section 3bis
  • section 79
  • section 80
  • section 81
  • section 82
  • section 83
  • section 84
  • section 85
  • section 85bis

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