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Statutes and Regulations Registry

The Statutes and regulations registry is directed by the first Chief Secretary under the authority of the Chief Registrar. Its main task is to ensure that proceedings of the section are properly conducted.

The tasks of the Registry  include :

  • Reception of new cases : are the files conform the provisions governing inscription on the role of the Registry.
  • Setting the date of the hearing.
  • Diffusion of the procedural documents (drafts, documentation notes, auditor's reports, draft opinions ...).
  • Supporting the registrars.
  • Typing and rereading of draft opinions.
  • Transmission of the opinions for translation to the Service of the concordance of texts.
  • Transmission of the signed opinions to the requesting authorities either in hard copy or electronic copy.
  • Conservation of the original opinions, signed by the registrars and the presidents.

The Statutes and Regulations Registry is in contact with the officials commissioned by the Ministers and the members of their cabinets in order to give them all useful information in the cours of the proceedings.

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